Sopro 617

Its elegant (curved) design improves your viewing access into the patient’s mouth. The 105° angle of view (a 15 degree increase) differentiates it from other cameras on the market by allowing for better exploration of the distal areas. This optimized angle of view enables perfect visibility into even the hard-to-reach rear areas.

The Masterpiece delivers exceptional image quality. The SOPRO 617 camera is equipped with “fixed focus” – its large depth of field provides you a clear image in any circumstance.


  • High sensitivity CCD 1/4”.
  • Resolution : (752 x 582) PAL ; (768 x 494) NTSC.
  • Sensitivity : 2 lux.
  • Lighting : eight LEDs.
  • Adjustment : automatic.
  • Non-inverted image.
  • Image capture through SoproTouch or footswitch (optional).
  • Angle of view : 70° ;.
  • Cable length : 2.5m.
  • Handpiece dimensions : L : 205 ; W : 28 ; H : 24 mm.
  • Usable part dimensions : W : 16 x D : 11.10 mm.
  • Handpiece weight : 55 g.

“Our Sopro cameras allow us to better serve our patients. I have no doubt that our patients receive better care because of Sopro technology. Of course intra-oral cameras raise production and profits. It is the best return on investment purchase dentists will ever make – period! That’s indisputable. But the most important thing is that the cameras improve our care. We can do a better job helping people we love and care about. I highly encourage all dentists to use intra-oral photography. Customer service received from Sopro is great and I also believe they have the best image quality on the market – hands down!”
Dr. Robert Grimes